About Me

I am a wood and metal fabricator based in Atlanta, GA. All of my projects are custom designed from the ground up. I enjoy working with a variety of different techniques, from woodworking to machining to welding and fabrication. Aesthetically, I prefer combining wood and metal to create a contemporary look.

I have enjoyed working with my hands since I was a kid. I took my first woodworking and metalworking classes in high school where I gained a solid foundation. As a mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech, I was able to further my skills in the Invention Studio. With the tools and training provided, I was able to pursue more ambitious projects and more advanced disciplines.

After graduating, I joined a local shared workshop where I have been able to continue following my interests. While there, I have completed some of my largest and most intricate builds. I am currently working on projects for myself, as well as accepting commissioned projects.